America's Rock n' Roll legendary band of fame "AMERICA"'s, founding member Singer~Song Writer: 

Dewey Bunnell, has joined the Love Wild Horses® Movement and has created this powerful public service announcement, please listen here and share and call your state representatives today: To VOTE NO: on the Department of Interior's 2018 Budget, whose present language applies America's tax funding to be used to slaughter the 58,000 BLM captured wild ponies who are presently awaiting adoption`or their freedom to be granted and the DOI budget also allocates funding to remove and slaughter ~without limitation, America's remaining  free roaming wild horses and burros, from our own free public lands.

SPECIAL THANKS TO DEWEY BURNELL  and his beautiful wife for bringing this message to the world and for rescuing a sacred wild horse >>>

FOR LENDING HIS Strong VOICE FOR ALL THE HORSES WITH NO NAME~ and for joining this important movement.

from all of us at Love Wild Horses®! 

LINK to contact your state congressional representative and Link to contact your State Senators : vote to help, not kill America's wild horses and burros, thank you 

Love Wild Horses, Marinlink sponsored 501 C3

Thank you to all who joined us and supported :

April 25th Saturday, Noon-2:00 PM. “Love Wild Horses", for an Awareness March : To Save the Last of Our Native Wild Horses & to Close U.S. Borders to Horse Slaughter Export, on the Golden Gate Bridge  and afterward at the  The Sweetwater Music Hall, in Mill Valley for a very special fund & awareness raiser to support “Love Wild Horses”.

We especially would like to thank, the musicians who shared their beautiful voices for the wild horses:)

Both events were open to the public to educate and inspire hearts, to love wild horses and support and empower their survival.

Welcome to Love

Protect & Preserve Sacred Native Legacy Horses

​Love Wild Horses®

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Photo: By James Kleinert, A gift to meet the wild horses, Jetara Séhart, in Disappointment Valley, Colorado, a still, from the film "Horse Medicine", 

"The wild horses spoke to my heart  in a dream, calling for help for their families and relations, to live and be free and for the land they love to also, be protected, I hope they will speak to your heart, too.

May they Be safe and their freedom and lands returned, soon. Thank you"

Jetara Séhart, Executive Director, Love Wild Horses

Return BLM wild horses to the wild


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Love Wild  Horses and Burros©

Together we can create survival and freedom, for America's legacy, native wild horses & burros. Presently, under 20,000 remain living freely upon 243,000,000 acres of our public lands, in 10 Western States and 58,000 native wild horses and burros are now in the Bureau of Land Management facilities, awaiting "adoption", struggling to survive, living in difficult conditions, with no escape.

There are approximately 3,000,000 welfare cattle, many oil, gas and fracking projects, now residing upon our public land and federally protected wild horses & burro lands, who moved in, after the native wild horses and burros were removed by the BLM.

At least 25 Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse & Burro Herd Management Areas (HMA'S) have been unjustly, zeroed out of wild horses & burros.

In 2013, the National Academy of Science's issued a scathing report, 

calling for the BLM, to cease wild horse & burro removals, because the wild horses & burros are now, under populated, due to the BLM's, past, many years of excessive, wild horse and burro removals.

Unfortunately, The BLM continues to remove wild horses & burros in excess, causing further destruction to already decimated wild horse families, dangerously risking causing permanent damage in extinction of our remaining native wild horses and burros, in America.

​The Bureau of Land Management, is entrusted and assigned to protect wild horses and burros and is funded with American tax dollars,

The wild horses and burros in the wild are almost gone, together this is a truth we can change.

We invite you to join this movement, to Love Wild Horses, to return the 58,000 captive wild horses to freedom, to live upon their rightful lands in peace and safety.

(When the BLM removes the wild horses and burros from the wild, the stallions are all immediately gelded, causing non-reproducing ability.)

WAYS YOU CAN HELP and become part of this movement 

by making a donation and to please join us in following actions ( Facebook/Twitter, E-mail, Call In and Peaceful Protest Actions) including telling our leaders in Washington, your State Legislatures, community and friends, why you think it is important the wild horses, deserve to live and be free.

Together, we can move mountains:)

Thank You,, for visiting and rising up for wild horses 


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