Jeanne Bencich-Nations, Volunteer Photographer and Love Wild Horses™ Coordinator and Adoption : Boots on the Ground~ Nevada~

© James Kleinert

Craig C. Downer, Love Wild Horses™ Wildlife Ecologist and esteemed author of The Wild Horse Conspiracy 

Photo: Jetara Séhart, Love Wild Horses™ Non-Profit, Executive Director & Founder, a still shot, photographed during filming of "Horse Medicine", by James Kleinert."Looking for the wild horses, in Disappointment Valley, Colorado."

Love Wild Horses™ Official Facebook Page: Wild Horse Protection Act © 2010.

In response to the disappearance and plight of America's wild horses and to empower solutions to save the last of America's wild horses and burros and their and our public land and water to survive & thrive: we are building a movement:

to: Love Wild Horses™, founded in December of 2014 and our social awareness campaigns and organization Wild Horse Protection Act, was founded in 2010.

Our 2016 goal is to gather 1 million people to join the Love Wild Horses Movement, by simply liking our fb page Wild Horse Protection Act and following actions there~:

Since June 2015, we have gathered 308,000 members, achieving 1/3 of our goal, to be the majority to succeed in strengthening much needed preservation protections, for wild horses to increase their % of granted public land share, to live in peace, safety and freedom, upon our vast 245 million acres of public lands and to close U.S. borders to exportation of horses for slaughter.

Love  Wild Horses