Love  Wild Horses

Craig Downer, Ecologist, Biologist and Author,  is Love Wild Horses' Ecologist, we are grateful to have Carig's wisdom on board, he brings 40 years of his scientific understanding and love for wild horses and burros, to help strengthen the Love Wild Horses Movement.

Craig wrote a compelling and powerful must read book, to save America's wild horses, entitled "The Wild Horse Conspiracy".

Love Wild Horses, is the first to publicize, Craig Downer's, beautiful poem, inspired by his 40+ years of work to save the wild horses and burros and recent trip to Australia. We hope you enjoy this lovely tribute:


(Ayer’s Rock, South Australia, October 4, 2014, very early morning, ca. 1:30 AM) Dedicated to the whitish horse who lovingly welcomed me with her sweet whinny, which I heard in a vivid dream about Australia weeks before I went there. I may have met and heard her in the Snowy River country, NSW, toward the end of my trip.

By Craig C. Downer, Wildlife Ecologist, Andean Tapir Fund, P.O. Box 456, Minden, NV 89423

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Member Ecological Society of Australia, at whose annual convention in Alice Springs NT, 

Presented to Nevada Poetry Society, Reno, November 15, 2014.

Such an awesome connection
There where Southern Cross burns.
The Heavens open up
Here at Uluru!
Majestic, ancient rock
Venerated by Aboriginals venerable,
By all fellow species
Including Kangaroos.
World’s greatest Monolith,
Its varying crimsons and oranges,
Purples and mauves,
Transpire throughout the day.
And a preternatural glow
At night suffuses this region 
Known as Uluru.

A Powerful Melody
Came to me
At A.M. 1:30,
As, lying under the stars I dreamt
Of fantastic connections
Universal in scope.
Suddenly jolted awake,
I looked up to see
The constellation Scorpio
Inverted to become
A full-bodied Horse:
Its beautiful head
Where Scorpio’s tail once curled;
Its graceful back and tail
Vastly curved by linked stars!
The right side of its long head 
Looked back to beckon me
From out this vast Immensity
Of Space and Time.
--Oh! Bright eye glinting,
Sparkling with a special Magic
That I shall never forget!

All the while
A vibration most powerful
Within my feelings itself composed.
Melody there most certainly was
Emanating from the Rock,
Tuned to this vast Immensity,
And on this precise, unique Perspective,
Focusing, coalescing 
Its message Here,
With Uluru and Horse Celestial …
The “Brumby Down Under”
If you will,
Peering through and with Connections
--So Soul-stirring--
Between and among ALL
The vast and far-flung Galaxies and Stars,
And with a Quintessential Energy,
Better yet a Spirit,
That brought Animation to the Whole.

-- Oh! Lovely EQUUS … EPONA!
You have risen higher than Man!
Your Noble Virtue
Throughout the Universe does Shine …
Moving on, encircling, connecting,
Saving this our World’s community …
And All Universal Life as well.

Gallop on in Freedom,
For the sunken, earth-bound human
Cannot you contain;
And take me with you
Wherever you roam …
Upon your Celestial Back
And unto that Most Perfect Goal
God has in store
Some Time, some Where
For ALL!