Love  Wild Horses

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Photo: Nancy Turmell Richards

While horse slaughter here in America, presently is banned and illegal, more steps must be taken to ensure this ban become permanent and also to keep America's wild and domestic horses and burros safe, we must ban exportation of our horses, for slaughter.

What you can do:

1.Please visit links below and follow us on Twitter and Facebook and follow actions

2. Spread word horse slaughter, is inhumane and in 2015, we need to close America's borders to horse slaughter, to make America's horses safe.

3. Contact your Senators and Congressional Representatives and request they support banning exportation of America's wild and domestic horses and burros for slaughter and to permanently ban horse slaughter in the U.S.A., to keep America's horses safe.

Animal Welfare Institute

Citizens Against Equine Slaughter 

Animals Angels