Love  Wild Horses

Imagine the great gift to meet a wild horse in person.. we are working to bring this vision to Marin County, California. The wild horses once roamed upon Marin's beautiful hills, but have long since been gone and the people of Marin, at large are unaware of the plight of the wild horse and do not remember their magnificence, except in their hearts.

Each wild horse life saved, is of great value and they are amazing teachers of forgiveness and healing for humans. 

Wild horses are highly intelligent and intuitive.

There are many environmental benefits in the wild, wild horses reduce the risk of wild fires and nourish the top soil and spread native seeds.

Healing children, our vets who have served our country and people recovering from trauma and addiction are just a few of the wonderful ways wild horses will help any community they live within.

In the wild, wild horses live within families they love and protect, their societal interaction is carefully balanced to best support and benefit the family or herd, as a whole. The wild horses create unity, within our community.

Our vision includes working with the horses to heal the horses and people who are in need of healing, who meet them.

Education and understanding of wild horse history, the legacy..and how the wild horses effect ecology and our environment, is a facet of the local and global vision love wild horses will work to accomplish.

Including hosting with the horses ancient healing ceremonies and energy work with local Buddhist, Native and Indigenous People. 

Fundraising events with music and entertainment will help create local and global awareness and support for the community and for the wild horses.

We are building a fund to bring as many wild horses to Marin, as we can:)

The spirit of wild horses represents freedom, passion.. thunder, they are the protector's of the land and the rhythm keeper's of Mother Earth's heart beat.

The wild horses are almost gone, from 10 Western States...

Thank you for taking time to help the wild horses today... their plight is one together we can change.. laws must be strengthened to truly protect them...and until they are please contact your legislatures and request they rise up to protect and preserve freedom for our wild horses to survive and thrive. 

Love Wild Horses® Ambassadors of Freedom:  

Love Wild Horse, 501C3,
Marin Link EIN # 20-0879422

Photo: By James Kleinert, Still from the film "Horse medicine", Meeting a newly rescued BLM Mustang, Love Wild Horse's Executive Director, Jetara Séhart, was chosen by "Armenito" to receive a healing, he was the only wild horse amongst the 13 horses. He stood with his head bowed, so close, at some point touching Jetara's stomache with his beautiful face..he held and sent and received love, like this for about 30 minutes.