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Thank you Becky Peacock from us & the wild horses for adopting & saving 4 precious lives~! Thank you to all of our members for sharing & caring and special thanks to Jeanne Bencich Nations for her support & handwork to find homes for the Lucky 11~:

"I truly hope that this story and my ability to adopt, will provide incentive to members that they too, can rescue...yes yes, it can be done. And wow, what a joy. I just don't know what I would do without these beauties in my life. It has been a life affirming event"~Becky Peacock, Love Wild Horses™ Wild Horse Protection Act Movement Member 

Heroes Rising up To Save Wild Horses  by Jetara´Séhart

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Utah resident, Becky Peacock, learned of the plight of America's wild horses, being removed from freedom and public lands, in excess, in late November, of 2015, from Love Wild Horses® Movement, popular, social media page, named after the 1971 Law "The Free Roaming Wild Horse & Burro Protection Act".

After learning about The Bureau of Land Management’s, over crowded holding facilities and the suffering, captured wild horses endure, while in wait of adoption and some times for years, including risk, of sale to barbaric slaughter export, Ms. Peacock felt moved to act and to become part, of the solution and to join the Love Wild Horses® Movement.

In January, of 2016, Ms. Peacock heard about Love Wild Horses® The Lucky 11 Rescue Project, created to find safe forever homes, for 11 young wild horse weanlings, who were recently removed from Nevada’s, Water Canyon, area, by the BLM. The Lucky 11 Project, was formed & headed up, by a caring Nevada resident, Jeanne Bencich Nations, a wild horse adopter herself, volunteer photographer and coordinator, for Love Wild Horses® Wild Horse Protection Act, California based, non-profit.

Ms. Peacock, made the generous and courageous leap, to adopt mustangs and to open her life and land, to save as many lives, as possible and that her land would allow. Motivation to protect the young horses from enduring potential pain and suffering (caused by lack of shelter and inadequate care), within The Bureau Of Land Management’s holding facilities, and to prevent possible sale to be slaughtered, in other countries, coupled, with the inspiration to provide a home for wild horses, for Ms. Peacock, came from a place of compassionate concern and civic duty, to do all within her power, to care for to save America’s national treasures. 

Becky Peacock’s adoption story “ On January 22, 2015, my team of experienced horse handlers, left Salt Lake City Utah and we headed directly to Palomino Valley BLM holding facility, near Reno, Nevada, to rescue 3 weanlings of the Lucky 11. Upon, arrival to the BLM PVC, NV facility, I was shocked to see the extremely large number of yearlings and even younger horses, wandering within the shelterless, sad looking pens. My heart ached knowing that I would be allowed to save no more then 4 horses, due to BLM’s present adoption regulations, leaving many horses behind, was difficult, to do. We loaded 3 of the lucky 11, along with one frightened Grullo colt, I immediately fell in love with,who had also recently arrived to this facility. The Grullo colt, along with many other youngsters were removed from the public lands, in Oregon and then shipped, all the way to BLM PVC, Nevada facility, from Oregon.

We headed home to Salt lake City and were confronted with some of the worst weather, I have ever experienced. We pressed onward, checking on the weanlings frequently, in the course of this wild journey. Thankfully, the precious four arrived safely, to their new home, in the wee hour of 3:00 AM. on a Sunday morning. The weanlings unloaded easily and without incident.I named the precious four horses: Raven, Champ, Feather and Shadow.” 

and Becky further expressed: "It would be helpful if the BLM would use better venues, to bring to light the need for the public to rescue and adopt the horses, in order to save them. Something offered in addition to their web site. I had no idea, before I visited Love Wild Horses® Wild Horse protection Act Facebook social media page, that there was such a dire need to save and/or adopt America’s wild horses and burros. The BLM in my opinion, should be supporting and thanking this non-profit advocacy organization and better supporting the public’s ability to bring in much needed change, for the last of America’s wild horses and burros, to survive, in peace and safety, in as near to freedom, as is possible."

As Becky, looks to her new four legged family members, she reflects upon, the wild horses who live nearest to her in Utah’s Great Basin Desert, in Tooele County, similar to much of America’s public lands, the wild horse populations, there are dwindling and the horses, are almost all gone, due to excess government wild horse and burro removals.

To ensure the American wild horse and burro preservation, as a species we must put an end, to the BLM’s inhumane, horrifying helicopter chase down removals and increase their percentage of public land share and ban exportation of America's horses and burros, for slaughter. Wild horses are presently under populated, in the United States, under 20,000 remain free roaming and approximately 60,000 await adoption behind bars, in BLM wild horse & burro holding facilities.

Wild horses are highly, sensitive beings and America was built upon the back of a horse, it is high time these magnificent icons of “ freedom", be granted protection, to be freed from harassment, harm and sale to slaughter and to roam freely, upon America’s vast 245 million acres of public lands, unbridled, with the sage and wind.

One Solution is most cost effective for tax payers and beautiful in simplicity,

to increase public land share percentage for wild horses and burros to survive and thrive. If there is room for 3,000.000 welfare cattle, sheep, oil, gas, fracking and solar field projects upon America’s public land, then 245 million acres may easily also, support return of the 60,000 captured wild horses and burros to live in freedom upon the public land, including protection to be granted from removal & dangerous fertility control including sterilization experimentation, for the decimated remaining free roaming under 20,000 wild horses. 

Did you know natural self regulating wild horse herd management: slows their reproduction rate by near 17%, compared to BLM man managed wild horse and burro reproduction rates?
Study conducted by : The International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros

Did you know more then 25 assigned to be federally protected wild horse and burro herd management areas, of America’s public lands have been completely zeroed out of all wild horses and burros? Please see Love Wild Horses® Wildlife Ecologist Craig C. Downer’s Reserve Design and book “The Wild Horse Conspiracy”

Part of the ultimate solution to protect wild horses to survive involves enacting, innovative new range management strategies, to include installing rainwater catches upon public lands for wild horses & burros to access drinking water in times of drought, digging new water sources, re-seeding native wh&b forage and opening fencing for wh&b to access prime grazing areas; and in acknowledging, understanding the important role and gift wild horses naturally provide in reducing wildfires and desertification and spreading of native seeds, including tilling of top roaming wild horses, help heal the land and human hearts.

What you can do: Please save a life today if you can provide a safe forever home for one or more wild horses and join the Love Wild Horses® Movement 340,000+ members growing daily gathering to be the majority to bring in much deserved and needed wonderful change:
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