to sing and play for wild horse freedom

and survival, you rock!

The Golden Gate Bridge and

The Sweetwater Music Hall, for hosting : 
Love Wild Horses

Susan Munroe for managing and

organizing the music and gifting use of

her photos 
Richard Habib:, for donating special

treasures and running

the Silent Auction:) 
Gareth Laffely..for composing and

recording the beautiful song Spirit Horse
James Neptune for his playing flute

ceremony prayer songs for the wild

Lee Plenty Wolf for composing a

powerful song.. ( coming soon to inspire,

empower and protect Love Wild Horses)

To each and every one of you who are

sharing and caring.. to help these

precious wild horses.. Thank You!

Both events are open to the public, to

educate and inspire hearts,

to Love Wild Horses and empower

their freedom and survival, to live on.

Musicians performing,

at the Sweetwater Music Hall:

to save the Wild Horses :

(including possible surprise guests) :

The Keller Sisters,

Stan Erhart & Michael Warren,

Chris Bigford, Chris Erbacher & Friends,

Donny Bilinski, Robert Cassidy,

Zan Adu,

Dan Steadman

(President, Halleck Creek Ranch).

Guest speakers: Jetara Séhart,

Executive Director and Founder,

Love Wild Horses,

Craig Downer, Wildlife Ecologist

(Cal Berkeley) for Love Wild Horses and

Author "The Wild Horse Conspiracy",

President of the Andean Tapir Fund,

Supporting Partner of Friends of Animals

and Member of the World Conservation

Union Species Survival Commission

Silent Auction: Auctioneer, Richard Habib


Golden Gate Bridge Events Calendar:

The Sweetwater Music Hall Calendar: 

LOve Wild Horses, Marinlink 501 C3 

GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE EVENT RULES For Attendees to please honor:

1. The activity shall Begin at NOON and conclude no later than 2:00 PM: Participants may begin to arrive in the east parking lot no earlier than 11:30 a.m. in preparation for the peaceful protest in the Plaza center and across the Bridge sidewalk. Participants shall enter the Bridge sidewalk no earlier than NOON And will exit the Bridge sidewalk by 2:00 p.m. The peaceful protest on the Bridge sidewalk from start to finish shall not exceed 2 hours. Groups with over one hundred (100) participants will walk in two, single-file lines at all times. Permission to assemble at the north-end Vista Point must be obtained from the State of California, Dept. of Transportation, (Caltrans)(510) 286-6462, and any conditions of that permit must be adhered to.
2. All participants shall walk on the Bridge sidewalk in a safe and orderly manner. Participants shall not stop, gather, or congregate in groups in such a manner as to unreasonably, intentionally, or maliciously block or obstruct the sidewalk. Participants shall not interfere with the use of the sidewalk by others and shall at all times allow other users of the sidewalk to pass freely. Participants shall remain on the sidewalk at all times.
3. Handheld signs no larger than 3 feet x 2 feet are permitted.
4. Participants may pin pictures on their clothing.
5. Small props that are no larger than a combined length, height, and depth of forty-eight (48) inches (e.g. 24 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches) and that are safely and securely held by one person for the entire duration of the Expressive Activity are permitted. No other props are allowed. No props regardless of size will be held by more than one person.
6. The total combined number of signs and props, as described in paragraphs 3 and 5 above, shall not exceed fifty (50).
7. Flags or banners of any kind or size are not permitted.
8. Nothing may be attached to the Bridge, railings, statues or other Bridge property.
9. Tambourines and drums that can be held safely and securely in one hand and hit with the other hand are permitted. Drums and tambourines shall be considered “props” and will be included in the total number of props pursuant to paragraph 6.
10. Participants shall not engage in any activity which, in the judgment of the District, or allied law enforcement agencies, distracts or obstructs vehicular traffic on the Bridge or interferes with pedestrians or bicyclists on the sidewalks. For example, participants may not hold signs or props over any portion of the vehicular roadway or over the railing of the Bridge sidewalks.
11. The District may terminate this Permit and the District or law enforcement agencies may end the event at any time to prevent injury or damage to persons or property or to prevent interference with the free flow of vehicular, pedestrian and/or bicycle traffic.
12. Please be advised that parking in the vicinity of the Golden Gate Bridge is extremely limited. All parking regulations are strictly enforced. Pick-up and drop-off of bus passengers is allowed in very limited and specially designated areas only.
13. This permit is issued with the time, place and manner conditions contained herein based upon an evaluation of safety and security considerations, including the availability of California Highway Patrol and/or other appropriate safety and security personnel. In the event that the national security level rises above "yellow" or any similar local security alert is issued, this permit shall be immediately rescinded.
14. For safety reasons, there will be no press conferences conducted on Bridge sidewalks. This of course is not meant to limit press coverage or interviews that do not cause an obstruction to vehicle, pedestrian, or bicycle traffic.

2015 Events: 

November 29, 2015

Sacred Lakota Ceremony: 

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, Ca.

April 25th, 2015

Sweetwater Music Hall

Mill Valley, Ca 

Awareness and Fund Raiser

Live music, talented musicians

playing for the wild horses on

outdoor patio and in the café.

​Silent Auction

Both Events were

open to the public

April 23rd 2016 Join love Wild Horses™,

in San Francisco, California, on the beautiful Golden Gate bridge: or join or host a sister/brother protest to:

Love Wild Horses 

I. Return the public lands, to the BLM trapped 58,000 wild horses & burros, to live in peace, safety and freedom.

II. Establish Native Species classification to protect & preserve the wild horses and burros
(TO STOP the feral humans within the BLM from treating them, as if the native wild horses & burros, are worth no more then dandelions.)

III. Heal the public land re-seed/ install rain water catches, dig new springs for the wild ones to survive drought

IV. BAN exportation of domestic and wild horses to slaughter

V. Repeal the Burns Amendment 

"In 2004, Republican Senator from Montana Conrad Burns inserted a rider into the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2005 (a 3,000-page omnibus appropriations bill) which permitted BLM to sell excess animals more than 10 years old or which have been offered for adoption three times.[40][41][42] The amendment also required that excess, unadoptable horses "shall be made available for sale without limitation."[42] Burns was reportedly acting on behalf of ranching interests, who wished more of the horses removed from federal land.[41] The legislation, signed into law by President George W. Bush, was described by one media outlet as "undercut[ing] more than three decades of lobbying and legislative action aimed at protecting America's wild horses from slaughter".[41] In the 2006 Interior Appropriations Act, a rider was inserted that repealed the Burns amendment; however, in the 2007 Interior Appropriations Act the clause was re-added. As of August 2012, it had not been repealed.[43]

In early 2005, the BLM discovered that some of the excess wild horses it had sold had been slaughtered.[44] " Wikepedia

VI. Strengthen the Wild Horse & Burro Protection Act of 1971, to truly protect our wild horses & burros

VII. Always remove toxic corporate occupation from public land use, not wild horses or burros.

Special thanks to Fighting for Nevada's Wild Horses for organizing National Rally Day for the wild horses 

Pls find and attend a rally near you, or host one:

We are building a movement, thank you for joining us


On Facebook we are: Wild Horse Protection Act
On Twitter we are: @riseup4wldhorse

Love  Wild Horses

UPCOMING EVENT: Please Join us: Saturday~ April 23rd, from Noon-2:00 PM, on the East side of the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge~ & if you are unable to meet us in S.F. Ca.,  please attend, or volunteer to host an event, in a city nearest to you,

Thank You, 

Link to Event info & sign up (< links to International event sign up)

Opening ceremonies with special guest, speakers & performers: with Jeff Vickner Zen Buddhist Monk and Lakota Sacred Prayer drumming with The PlentyWolf Singers ( Natiove American Music Award Winner) performing: their original song Sunka Wakan and guest speakers.

To meet by the Strauss statue on the East side of the GG bridge:

Please bring a sign 2' by 3' maximum 
& wear comfortable layered clothing & shoes to join a brief walk

upon the Golden Gate Bridge 

Sending Gartitude To:
The Golden Gate Bridge for supporting this event & for granting our permit 

The Lakota~ PlentyWolf Singers, for composing and dedicating their original song: '

Sunka Wakan,

for us & the Wild Horses and for journeying to S.F. Ca. from Co.,  help the wild horses.

Jeff Vickner, Zen Budfhist Monk & friend for prayer work 

To Members of the Love Wild Horses™ Movement : for joining us, in person & or in spirit, and/or for hosting sister & brother demonstrations across the nation and globe 

Connecting good hearts across the globe: May we together change, what we cannot accept, here, as the majority, unfolding.

Thank You for joining this movement: 

1 Million strong to Love Wild Horses™! and Burros~in 2016