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May the Wild Horses and Burros be protected and preserved to live in peace, safety and freedom 

Visiting the wild horses, after we hosted a protest in Carson City, NV, to help them receive needed shelter and more water troughs. The sacred Geldings, came from far across the enclosure and took turns...waiting to give and receive love.

Healing with Wild Horses, is natural

Photo: By Coleen Denson

Love Wild Horses: Wild Equine Education

Wild horses are native species,  to North America. Establishing Native Species Classification is key to protecting and preserving our wild horses.

Coming soon local Wild Equine Education Workshops

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Love  Wild Horses

Love Wild Horses, 501 C3, Marin Link EIN # 20-0879422

Sacred Native Wild Horses:

Awaiting aid or adoption...BLM facility Palomino Valley Center, Nevada

105 degrees, no shade offered for 2,000 horses held within fences

Photo: By Jetara Séhart

Please adopt a sacred wild horse or burro or sponsor our work to rescue one or more of the 58,000 captive Bureau of Land Management wild horses and burros awaiting "adoption".

Until we can return our wild horses and burros to freedom, to live safely upon public land, once again..adoption is the only way to keep safe and save our wild horses and burros. Thank You

BLM's Adoption Gallery and Requirements

Photo: By Cat Kindsfather, BLM's Palomino Valley Center, shelterless facility located in HIgh Desert, Nevada