Today's urgent need to bring America's wild horses & burros to safe forever homes, as near to freedom, as possible, is a vision,well worth accomplishing.

The sheer magnificence & nobility of a wild horses and the symbol they represent in the spirit of "freedom" speaks to many people's hearts to sponsor or adopt, to protect from the unthinkable, true possible and worst fate, to be sold for slaughter. 

while we work to increase protections for freedom, for America's wild horses, in our 10 Western States, to be honored.

Please join us to support & bring as many horses to safety, as is possible today, each life saved is of great value, thank you:

Love Wild Horses~ Spring Rescue Mission©2016:

Open Hearts & Land for Wild Horses~: BLM's Online Adoption has begun, if you can provide a safe forever home, for one or more sacred wild horses, please save a life & adopt today.
After BLM capture and 3 failed adoption attempts: Our wild horses and burros, are unsafe from sale to slaughter.

We will continue to work to increase protection,
for all of our wild horses and to instill increased % of public land share for the under 20,000 free roaming wild horses and burros, to remain free and to grant freedom for the 60,000 BLM captured wild horses & burros and to close U.S. borders to horse slaughter export...please follow our main FB page Whild Horse Protection Act:Timeline: And Follow daily actions there & also ask your friends to join you and 334,000+(growing 1-2,000 members daily)to: Love Wild Horses ® 

May a few wonderful and much deserved miracles soon arrive for oue Wild Horses and Burros, to be protected to survive & thrive in peace, safety and freedom, here in America.

If you cannot adopt, but would like to help, to sponsor adoption efforts:: you could make a one time or recurring tax deductible donation, today.

If you are interested in adopting & can meet BLM's adoption guidelines: Please complete a BLM adoption application: & also to help guide & support you through the adoption process: pls contact us via e-mail:

( and also you may pls contact Love Wild Horses™ Volunteer photographer & Coordinator: Jeanne Bencich Nations to help guide through the adoption process.

To Join Love Wild Horses® Spring Rescue Mission~Adoption Event Please Visit:

Link to photos of the sacred horses & burros in need of rescue: 

Application to Adopt: 
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