Love  Wild Horses

Please listen to this powerful original new song: Instilling Sacred Remembrance 

For: "Suunka Wakan",

Composed and Performed by the Lakota, Native American Music Award Winning: PlentyWolf Singers,

To Open Hearts & The Way to  manifest Freedom and Survival for America;s wild horses.   Sunk Wakan Love Wild Horses™ and the PlentyWolf Singers 2015© 

Recorded by Jimmy Johnson, San Geronimo Valley California, 

Thank you PlentyWolf Singers


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The PlentyWolf Singers

Suunka Wakan 

Love Wild Horses™! 

Photo: © Pamela Valeri

Love Wild Horses™ Wild Equine gathering on Horse Hill, in Mill Valley, California November, 2015, Lakota PlentyWolf Singers performed sacred Prayer singing and Lakota Wild Horse History~Honor Teaching: and immediately the circle was greeted and their sacred drum blessed by a free roaming horse, before the ceremony began~::: ©

Lee Plenty Wolf, shared Lakota spirit meaning of the value and gift wild horses bring in balance and healing, for the Lakota people and for us all.

Photo: © Jimmy Johnson

Happening April 23rd 2016

Please Join us 

Lakota Sacred Drumming and singing: Awareness and Prayer Circle :Good Visions in Protection for Grandmother Earth, our Water, Wild Horses and World.

About Lee PlentyWolf:

He is a full blood Oglala Lakota,originally from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He has been on his spiritual journey, for about 27 years. Lee PlentyWolf, is a spiritual leader, who resides in Denver Colorado. He conducts sacred ceremonies wherever needed and the male singers who help him, are knowledgeable, in Lakota spiritual ceremonies and gifted musicians. Lee PlentWolf and Singers, also sing at social functions,@ powwows across the country.

"We, as a whole need to come together and help one another and to pray to make this world a better place now and for the future of all living." ~ Lee PlentyWolf
The fifteenth Native American Music Awards 
AWARDED 2014: Group of the Year
Plenty Wolf Singers
Medicine Wolf