Love  Wild Horses

Opportunities and Ways you can help:

1. Share social Wild Horse Protection Act media posts widely and daily~ask 5- or more friends to join this movement, with you and to simply "like"our Wild Horse protection Act Facebook page, join events: and follow actions there and here, to particiate changing the tide, for our wild horses to survive & thrive: Inspiring all to: Love Wild Horses™ !
2. Follow us on Twitter @riseup4wldhorse & Please Re-Tweet ~Tweets
3. Participate in: Call In Actions 
4. To Give & Donate your Talent, Service, Time or Money, 
5. Attend and/or host peaceful demonstrations and wild equine education events 
6. Contact your legislatures & Invite them to join and support: 
330,000+ daily growing in this movement to Love Wild Horses™ for Freedom & Protection to be instilled in 2016~:
7. Check in here daily, to Stay Informed 
8. Support Wild Horse photographers, authors, film makers, volunteers and artists.
9. Stay positive and never give up
10.Distribute hand outs within your own town~community
( New hand outs coming soon~) 
11 If you live near to a BLM facility or free roaming wild horses or burros, you can help by becoming becoming a Love Wild Horses Boots on the Ground Volunteer ©
( if interested pls contact us via e-mail )
12. Donate Land for wild horses and/or burros to live upon: 
13. Sponsor saving 1 or more wild horses by making a recurring: monthly donation of 150.
14. Adopt a wild horse or burro, if you can provide a safe forever home, for one or more of the sacred wild ponies~
15. Seasoned LWH members to please inform new members, here in comments, beneath posts: of history of the plight of America's Wild horses, burros and our and their land and water's journey to survive and be protected
16. Make a small recurring financial monthly donation, to become a 
"Platinum Palomino lead stallion or mare", to fuel & empower this movement.

Thank You~::: 

We have good wild horse warrior work ahead,thank you for your efforts
we are quickly becoming the majority voice to create urgently needed change for our wild horses and burros to be protected ~::: 

Love Wild Horse, 501C3,
Marin Link EIN # 20-0879422

We area non-profit volunteer based organization, working to protect and preserve the last of America's Native wild horses and burros.

Thank you for visiting and if you would like to become more active and an integral part of the Love Wild Horses Movement please contact us, via: e-mail through our site.

May our wild horses soon be protected to survive and thrive, in peace, safety and freedom, once again, upon America's vast public lands.Love Wild Horses and Burros, too! ©