Love  Wild Horses

Photo: © Pamela Valeri

Please Join us this year on July 9th from Noon-2:00 PM

on the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge,in San Francisco, California

For a Love Wild Horses™ Awareness Gathering: To Increase % of Public Land Share,

to protect the remaining under 20,000 free roaming wild horses and burros from removal, spaying, to restore genetic viability, return the 60,000 Bureau Of land Management Land Management captured wild horses and burros to freedom and to close U.S. Borders to horse Slaughter Export, Thank You! Please visit event page on Wild Horse Protection Act Fb © 2016

Please Donate: to support The PlentyWolf Singers to travel from Colorado to this year's Love Wild Horses™ Golden Gate Bridge important Awareness gathering : 

Donations may be made to "The White Horse Creek Council" earmark for PlentWolf Singers 4/23/16 ~ To Save the Wild Ponies!

Golden Gate Bridge Love Wild Horses™ Awareness Gathering:, Photos by Susan Munroe