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Photo: By Mark Terrell .

Thank you Mel Harker for this amazing song, from us and the wild horses, you rock!

A little bit about Mel:

Mel Harker didn’t pick up a guitar professionally until he was 32 - a freak commercial freezer accident ended his successful career as a chef. Soon after he found a guitar at a pawnshop in Venice Beach, California (and his true calling), he has rarely been without one ever since. Whether he is on stage singing or at home composing, his guitar has been a constant companion through a life that has had as many twists and turns as an old grapevine. As he says, “Nothing ever goes bad while you’re singing.

His career has spanned from playing in numerous venues in Los Angeles to working with some of the greats from country to rock. He has played across California and won awards for his original songs, including the AWA Award for Best Cowboy Song of the Year in 2010 for “Cowboy Blue.” Harker’s music crosses many genres: he’s performed with the famous Caballeros and the Rhinestone Homeboys, and currently shows his talent twice-a-week as a regular at the famous Lighthouse Café in Hermosa Beach, California. As a founding member of one of the country’s top Blues Brothers tribute bands, he’s had success writing songs for made-for-TV movies and a feature film. One of his compositions, “Soldier’s Song,” written in honor of a young sergeant, who lost his life in 2010 in Afghanistan, continues to inspire those both within and beyond the military; revenues from its sale go to the Resurrecting Lives Foundation.  

As a songwriter, Harker is an unsung genius in telling a compelling story in just a few lines of poetry. Some songs break your heart; others leave you laughing; all carry that Harker magic for making both melodies and messages memorable. Whether he is writing country, blues, pop or rock, he says that when he gets an idea, the “best songs take five minutes to write.” The rest of us might add: if you’re Mel Harker.

Love  Wild Horses

Wild Horses Run!

by Mel Harker 

Inspired gifted singer song writer Mel Harker, composed for Love Wild Horses™ "Wild Horses Run!", to help empower the Love Wild Horses™ Movement~ to grant freedom and increased protection, for America's wild horses, to survive and thrive~:

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Photo: By Jeanne Bencich Nations